The easiest, most streamlined way you will ever raise funds in this current day age!

How It Works

Three ways to help a great cause! Start a group fundraiser. Purchase an item to support a fundraising cause. Sell your specialty items /products through our fundraising drives!

happy children holding products.

Start Fundraiser (Fundraising Group)

Easily create your own fundraising campaign, to achieve a specific goal in mind through amazing, premium products!

happy children holding products.

Purchase For Fundraiser (Supporter)

Purchase from one of our hand selected, premium products to that directly benefits the fundraiser of your choosing!

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Sell Specialty Product (Vendor)

Join as one of our specialty vendors to extend brand awareness

happy children holding products.
happy children holding products.


Premium specialty brands used to help generate funds for your special group - in an all new, easy, fun, seamless way!


Who can participate?

  • schools
  • church groups
  • sports teams
  • family reunions
  • workforce groups
  • little leagues
  • charity groups


We hand select our top locally owned and operated vendors; not only to help with the branding of our vendor's awesome products, but to provide a seamless, memorable experience for those looking to generate funds for their respective group!

The Experience


We all know the equally dissatisfying process of going around the neighbourhood or workspace, not only once to capture orders; but again to hand deliver the products purchased from loved ones.



Everett Paschal


this will change the way groups & troops raise funds!

The concept of New Age Fundraising came to me as I watched a number of my colleagues frantically maneuvering our office space to capture orders for their children's fundraising efforts. Tracking down and collecting the money was a completely separate issue; and let's not even get into having to deliver the products door to door around the neighborhood and throughout the office once the product finally arrives.
Never again.



Contact us if you are looking to start your fundraising campaign, or have questions about doing so!
We want to hear from you as well if you are looking to have your great product sold within our various fundraising campaigns that are nationwide!

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