About Us

We love working with businesses, schools, youth groups, basketball leagues, AAU, Little Leagues, Girl Scouts, and everthing in between. Looking forward to connecting with you!

The Why

The concept of New Age Fundraising came to me as I watched a number of my colleagues frantically maneuvering our office space to capture orders for their children's fundraising efforts. Tracking down and collecting the money was a completely separate issue; and let's not even get into having to deliver the products door to door around the neighborhood and throughout the office once the product finally arrives. Never again.? Creating a seamless process for groups and organizations to raise funds, utilizing premium products, sourced from locally owned and operated businesses! Having the specialty products shipped directly from the vendor, to the end user saves countless hours collecting monies (door to door, or in office); and then having to go back out and redistribute said products to the supporters. Never Again.

Where we are with the business

We are currently continuing to connect with not only locally owned and operated businesses, but groups looking to generate funds for particular causes.  With youth sporting leagues kicking up, and the beginning of a new school year; we will be in the community looking to work with these groups to help them achieve their specific monetary goals!